What happens to the footage if I am in an accident?

Hopefully this never happens but if it does and your bike is down for more than 3 seconds, your Fly6 will continue recording (subject to battery life and the device not being damaged) for one hour then will automatically turn off. This is for the purpose of capturing any post incident footage that might be worth preserving.

Why are all my bezel lights flashing?

When the flashing lights around the camera (bezel lights) are all doing so at the same time, it generally means your microSD card has some sort of error.

In most cases the microSD card is not inserted properly, re-inserting the card will resolve this issue.

If the problem still persists, the microSD card might require a re-format. We suggest using SD Formatter's 'Overwrite' method as it cleans out most issues. It is free and downloadable for Windows and Mac - click here to go to the download site.

I have an aero seat post - will Fly6 attach?

Absolutely! We have designed and included an adapter for aero seat posts. We are yet to come across a seat post that the Fly6 won't attach to.

Bezel light frozen or Fly6 not recording?

Some problems with the bezel light or your Fly6 not recording properly can be caused by the microSD card.

To resolve these issues the microSD card might require a re-format. We suggest using SD Formatter's 'Overwrite' method as it cleans out most issues. It is free and downloadable for Windows and Mac - click here to go to the download site.

I have a pouch under my seat – is there room for my Fly6?

You will find that if you have the correct bicycle for your size and your seat height is correctly adjusted to suit your body dimensions, in most cases, you will have enough room to fit your Fly6. To learn more about fitting a bike to suit you, check out this YouTube video - How to Fit a Road Bike

What if I don’t want to record over the footage I have taken?

If you want to record and view the whole ride, we recommend you get yourself a 32GB class 10 microSD card - this should have capacity for around 8 hours of record time. If you really want to keep all the footage and you are riding for more than 8 hours, then we suggest you swap over to a new microSD card at the end of the 8 hours.

Is my Fly6 easy to remove (for when I finish my ride & store my bike at home or work)?

Most certainly – if you do not have an under seat pouch, simply slide your Fly6 upwards off the seat post attachment. If you have an under seat pouch like some of the Fly6 team do, simply twist and rotate your Fly6 (including straps & mount) on your seat post then slide it off. If you have an aero post, in most cases, due to the extra clearance the adapter provides, it will be easy to remove.

Do the rotating bezel lights turn off?

Well, no. The rotating bezel lights are a visual indication the camera is recording. The reason for this feature is to increase awareness that Fly6 is recording what happens behind your bike. For this concept to spread and therefore become more effective, people need to see it is on and recording. This is why we invented the rotating bezel lights - so whomever is looking at the device will see it is working (recording) and then consider the consequences to their actions!

I want to check out the footage - which software is best?

Our favourite software for viewing Fly6 footage on either Mac or Windows is VLC media player. It can be downloaded for (free). If you want some other options you can try these:

For Mac: MPlayerX (free)

For Windows: Windows Media Player (free)

Does Fly6 work at night

Fly6 is designed to operate optimally during the day. It does take great footage during dawn and dusk however, like any non-infrared camera, will not pick up imagery where there is no light. Up until last light, you can expect it to reveal quite a lot of vehicular detail though. 

How do I change the time stamp on my footage?

    1.    Download "date & time config file" from here
    2.    Connect your Fly6 to any PC or Mac
    3.    Turn the unit on to access file directory
    4.    Open the .txt file you downloaded using text editor
    5.    Change the date and time in this format:
    6.                  YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM
    7.    Save the file (in your Fly6's base/root directory)
    8.    Remove your Fly6 from the computer
    9.    Turn on now for the new settings to take effect

Note: file name must not be changed from CONFIG.txt

Still not sure - watch our 'How To' video here

Can Fly6 fit anywhere other than the seat post/stem?

No - Fly6 is only designed to fit on the seat post. There are a number of reasons for this but perhaps the most important of them is that this location on the bike provides the most steady platform to capture the best footage. Other locations such as panniers, jerseys, helmets will produce sub standard (to our standards, anyway) results. Please don't forget that while Fly6 captures some amazing action, it is not an 'action cam' - there are many great 'action cams' on the market that can attach to almost anything. Fly6 is not trying to be an action cam!

Does Fly6 come with software?

No, Fly6 does not require software to operate however if you want to adjust the time & date stamp on your footage, you need to do this via a Windows of Mac computer.

Other recommended (& free for both Windows and Mac) software that will enhance your experience with Fly6 is:

Viewing your Fly6 footage: VLC media player by VideoLan Organisation

Editing your Fly6 footage: VideoPad Movie Editor by NCH Software

Converting your Fly6 footage: Smart Converter by ShedWorx

I want to send some footage to my friends but the file size is too big!

You will need to ‘trim’ the file leaving only the portion you want to show your friends and then you will probably want to convert the file into a format that suits your needs (for iPhone or for YouTube etc). To do this we recommend the following software:

Trimming footage: Mac OS and Windows VideoPad Movie Editor by NCH Software – we use it, we like it!

Converting footage: Mac OS and Windows Smart Converter by shedworx - its free and it just works!

What capacity microSD card can I use?

Fly6 accepts up to 32GB microSD cards. We recommend a Class 10 card from a reputable supplier. Note that we cannot guarantee the quality of microSD cards as they are made by other companies.

The microSD card supplied with your Fly6 is incldued in the nano technology and will have the same benefits as your Fly6 unit. If you install a new microSD card it will not have this nano tachnology and could be succeptible to corrosion. We recommend you format any new microSD card with SD Formatter using the 'overwrite' function before using in your Fly6 or if you experience any problems.


What should I do if I capture an incident or something interesting with my Fly6?

You should send it to us by uploading the file using our “upload your video” file transfer facility or if you have already got it on the web, send us the YouTube OR Vimeo link. If your video gets selected for our Featured Video - we will send you a free Fly6!

Does Nano-tech make my Fly6 water-proof?

As we all know, many tail lights on the market don't last very long once they've been subjected to a wet ride or two. To address this, we've utilised gound-breaking new nano technology on both the inside and out of your Fly6. This process modifies the entire surface area of the circuitry on a molecular level, permantly leaving your device in a hydro-phobic state. We believe this will greatly enhance the longevity of your device. Is it water-proof...no, but it is engineered to IP54 standard. You should still take care however, to ensure your USB cover is firmly and correctly seated.

How does the looping video function work?

Your Fly6 comes with an 8GB Class 10 microSD card (yeah I know - cool, hey!) which has capacity to record around 2 hours of HD footage. Looping means that when the microSD card is full (after 2 hours of recording) it will start recording over the footage at the beginning of the card until it has used up the 8GB and start over again - this will continue over and over = "looping"!

What happens to the footage if I am in an accident?

The team at Fly6 recognised this issue early on in the design & development stage. As a result we included an incident protection function where if your bike is tilted over at more than 45 degrees for more than 3 seconds, it will trigger a footage cut off that will stop recording and turn off the device after one hour. With the included 8GB microSD card this would mean you'll have captured and saved roughly the hour before the incident and the hour after (subject to the device still working and having sufficient battery remaining). This protects the most important footage & audio for your use later.

What if an accident completely trashes my Fly6?

The location of your Fly6 (against the seat post) should be one of the least likely spots to incur damage in an accident. The long and short of it is that the footage is being recorded on the ‘fly’, meaning that the data is stored or written in real time directly to the microSD card. This means that in an event where your Fly6 gets damaged, the data up to the time of power shortage, will be saved onto the microSD. Also, the microSD card is located almost centrally to the circumference of the device, making it one of the last things that can be damaged. We believe that these design features will help ensure that you'll get to preserve the footage in the event you have lost a little bark.

How do I remove caked dirt from my lens safely?

We recommend you get a very wet cloth and soak the lens for a minute to loosen caked dirt. Once the grime is wet up it can be gently wiped off without scratching your lens.

I have two bikes - do I have to take off the attachments to swap bikes?

Good question! Luckily we have a good answer! Included with your Fly6 is an extra seat post mount and two extra straps so you only have to take off your Fly6 when swapping bikes, no messing around with attachements!

Great idea - can I strap one to the front of my bike?

In short, no. Fly6 is designed to attach to your seat post so will not work effectively attached elsewhere. In addition to the designed attachment method, the lights Fly6 emit are red and in the majority of countries, red lights are not permitted to be facing forward.

Why does it record at 720p and not 1080p?

It's all about providing the best bang for your buck whilst still achieving the mandates of the product. Our tests showed that 720p HD provided great results and detail when recording incidents behind the bike. 1080p would require much larger data storage and would mean a much dearer product. Sending footage to your friends also becomes a much larger task!

What warranty comes with my Fly6?

There is a standard one (1) year manufacturing warranty that allows for any manufacturing defects to be resolved. When applicable we will replace the device. If you believe you have a warranty claim, please follow the procedure outlined in shipping & returns

What happens if I get water in my Fly6?

Fly6 uses the latest designs and advances in nano technology to help protect it from water damage, however water ingress is not covered under warranty. As a valued customer we don't want you riding without a Fly6. If your device fails, we can offer the following: contact us via the contact form - we will provide a Return Merchandice Authorisation (RMA) number that you need to send along with your device - After we confirm the correct RMA number and examine your device, if it is water damaged, we will provide you with a promotional code to purchase another Fly6 at a discount - this offer is only valid once for each customer.

What if a strap breaks?

Unfortunately, due to possible user error when a strap breaks, we are unable to warrant them. We know that sounds bad but we have designed and tested them to be used for over 2,000 times. We believe they will last you a long time - perhaps even longer than you need them for! All that said, straps are funny things and we do funny things with funny things - so, we have included 6 straps in total of which two are spares! Happy strapping.

I want a Fly6 - do you ship to my country?

Fly6 is available for sale in 28 countries as listed below. This is mainly due to shipping company only providing costs effective shipping to these countries. We are working on adding more so check back from time to time. For more info visit our Shipping & Returns section.

Shipping Countries

I love Fly6 so much I want to buy 100 of them but the product page will not let me buy that many - what gives?

If you are a bulk customer (buying for your club or for a promotion) you need to contact us direct to make the arrangements. We normally can get a better price for shipping for bulk orders.

Why can't I buy Fly6 at my local store?

To stock Fly6 in every shop around the world costs more which would have to be passed on to you - we don't want to do that! We also understand that some folks just want to check one out in the flesh - so, we have a general policy to allow one store per city to stock Fly6. If you want your local store to be 'the one that has Fly6' then tell them to contact us!

Do you have distributors? Can I be one?

for more information on distributors of Fly6 please visit the distributors page.